One day Technical SEO/Social Media Channel Management course

This course is designed to give business owners, web site managers and online marketers the basic and advanced tools to successfully manage their online web presence and social media channels in house. Be in control of your own online e presence and save both time and money while getting your website FOUND online!

Site speed for successful ranking on Google is more important than ever with Google now saying that over 50% of all online searches are conducted on mobile devices such as Android Phones, Iphones and tablets.

To grow your organic search presence, you need to master your technical SEO requirements and Social Media Channel Management and truly understand search engine processes, crawling, loading, structured data and security. We’ll teach you how to implement that knowledge the very next day!

A place on our one day Technical SEO/Social Media Channel Management course is €397 (incl VAT) per day. This includes a catered lunch in a local pub and snack breaks/coffee in the afternoon.

Recent SEO workshop in Bank Of Ireland Montrose Business centre


In this full-day training course, you will start by building your knowledge of search engine processes and its technical workings. You will then learn about crawl optimisation and fixing crawl issues to make search engines’ job easier on your site. Next, you’ll improve your load speed and optimise your mobile usability for mobile-first indexing.

You will also learn about the importance of having structured data present on your website to increase your visibility and performing security checks to make your website secure.

Your afternoon session will cover the management of Facebook and Twitter as an effective online marketing and awareness tool.


Morning Session - SEO

After completing this training, you will be equipped with the knowledge, insight, and vocabulary to deal with technical SEO challenges. It will perfectly build upon your existing knowledge of keyword research, on-page SEO and link building thus enabling you to rise to the top of search rankings - and stay there!

Module 1: How Search Engines Work

We’ll start by covering how search engines work, and their main processes. You will learn the role that technical SEO plays in the overall SEO organic ranking.

Module 2: Web Infrastructure

You will gain a solid understanding of the web’s technical infrastructure including the way in which Google’s search engine algorithm works, client-server architecture and basic SEO/HTML coding principles.

Module 3: Crawl Optimisation

This module covers the importance and key elements of crawl optimisation and enables you to identify and fix crawl issues.

Module 4: Load Speed & Mobile SEO

Fast websites perform better for every metric. This module shows you how to identify load speed issues and improve your site’s performance, as well as optimising for mobile.

Module 5: Structured Data

In this module, we’ll make your content machine-readable and unlock a range of benefits. We'll explain what structured data is, which snippets are most valuable, and how to implement them.

Module 6: Basic Site Security

Security issues on your site also impact on SEO and traffic. We'll show you some basic security checks you can perform and provide tools and tips to help make your website more secure. We also cover the benefits of having an SSL cert installed on your domain and how it helps sites to rank.

Module 7: Content writing that Google will love

This module covers the key requirements for writing unique, well optimized content for fast and prominent indexing.

Module 8: Google Places For Business for local search

Learn how to get the best from your Google Places For Business and optimize it for local search, online reviews and product placement.

Afternoon Session – Social Media Channel Management

Learn how to maximize your social media channels and harness the benefits of Facebook & Twitter.

* Social Media Channel Management Review of Social Media Platforms and Key Indicators
* Facebook Platform
* Building Twitter Presence
* LinkedIn Marketing
* Content Creation
* Social Media Live Video Hacks
* Social Media Tools
* Overview of creating a Podcast.


Martin O’ Neill

Martin has over 15 years’ experience in all things SEO and online training. He currently manages some of Dublin’s biggest trade websites such as Dublin Electricians, Plumbers Dublin and Garden Rooms Dublin and is a registered lecturer at the Dublin Marketing Institute on their Professional Diploma in Internet Marketing.

Alan Hennessy

Alan is a qualified digital marketing consultant and is also an experienced Trainer, Mentor, Coach, having worked in association with various government initiatives, providing advice and expertise to Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, New Business ventures and organisations and in turn helping them to launch their business with an online presence.

Each attendee will also receive the following items free of charge:

    • 1 hour follow up telephone consultation with both trainers to discuss the days’ material and to implement the improvements identified on the day.
    • Comprehensive SEO health check which will identify any issues which may be affecting its ranking.
    • Google Places for Business page optimization.
    • Mobile usability and site speed report
    • Facebook channel audit and recommendations.
    • Full Powerpoint slides so you can review after course completion.
    • Full PDF of course material so you can review after course completion.


For additional information about our upcoming SEO & Social Media Masterclass course, please visit our Event Brite course page to find out more about what you can expect on the day. If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact the trainers directly at the contact details below.

Alan Hennessy PH: +353 86 845 9960 | Email:

Martin O’Neill PH: +353 85 823 8132 |