What is “Visit Your Local in VR”?

“Visit your local in VR” was set up with the aim of giving pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and clubs a platform to allow visitors experience and visit their local in 3D/VR with the option of maybe buying a drink while they are there! The platform also offers a business the option to connect with new and existing clients during the Covid 19 lockdown period and encourages people to support their local in these most difficult of times. Lastly, it gives business owners the chance to highlight and show visitors the internal investment being undertaken to make the return to your local a safe and enjoyable experience within the confines of social distancing.

So what can i do on there?

The “Visit Your Local in VR” experience allows the visitor to take a 3D tour of their local pub, bar, restaurant, hotel or club with some online spaces offering the option to purchase food, beverages and other merchandise online for either collection or home delivery. For those visitors who have a VR (Virtual reality) device, the option exists to actually take a “live tour” of the venue from the comfort of your own home.

I am a business owner, what are my options?

The “Visit Your Local in VR” platform gives business owners who may be currently closed, the option to connect with new and existing customers online and to open up a much needed additional revenue stream. The “Visit Your Local in VR” platform gives you several options:

* 3D tour of your pub, bar, restaurant, hotel or club which can be added to your website and social media channels.

* VR (Virtual reality) tour of your pub, bar, restaurant, hotel or club. Both of these options can be easily added to the previously mentioned platforms with no coding required whatsoever.

* An embedded “Shop now” feature within the scans which allows the visitor to go directly from your online 3D/VR tour to your online shop.

* Customised shopping cart with delivery rates.

* 150DPI print quality pictures can be generated from any place within the scan for print advertising, in house framing or for sale to customers.

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